Tips to find the best smartphone suitable for you

A beehive of smartphones

With smartphone sales going through the roof and a new model hitting the market every other day, one is literally spoiled for choices. On the bright side, this market boom offers you options like never before. There is something for everyone out there, no matter what your taste and style is. You get to choose a smartphone of your favorite color, display, appearance, features, price and much more. However, this exuberance is not without a down side. The sheer number of options also means something else; confusion and lots of it. For someone who isn’t too tech savvy and jargons like FPS and HSPA+ are bouncers over your head, help is what you need in arriving at the right choice. And which better place to find it other than the ubiquitous web?

Which smartphone do I need?

It is safe to assume that your smartphone purchase decision is going to revolve around these basic features/constraints/demands.

  • Manufacturer
  • Budget
  • Screen size
  • OS
  • Primary use (Calls and text / multimedia / camera / web)
  • Performance
  • Longevity

Once you have answered the above questions and arranged them as per priority, you are better armed to make a purchasing decision. But, this is the easy part. Now comes all the research, comparisons, reviews, performance studies and online haggling. It goes without saying that all this can be incredibly overwhelming for an individual to do alone. Alternately, one can make use of various websites like that lets you compare different smartphones.


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Tips to finding the right smartphone for you

Given below are some tips that will help you find the best smartphone for you

  • Get yourself the best one you can afford: Buying a smartphone shouldn’t be an austerity measure, but consider it an investment. If you go for a low cost, feature-less smartphone with an obsolete OS version, chances are that you will start having pangs of regret less than a week into owning it. The stubborn touch sensitivity coupled with the frequent hang and overall below par performance associated with such phones is anyone’s nightmare. We are not advising to burn a hole in your pocket and go for high-end devices, but there are reasonably priced models that offer decent smartphone experience. You can use the web to find the prices of different models. For instance, if you need a price list of Micromax mobiles, you can search the web for Micromax Mobile Price List. Similarly, you can gather info on other manufacturers as well.
  • Know what you want: Smartphones come with myriad features, most of which an average user may never know exists. So make sure you are paying for features that you are going to use at some point. For instance, a curved design with a customized stylus is something you can do without, whereas features like navigation and maps fall into the latter category.
  • Design says it all: Smartphones have become a tool to evaluate the personality of its owner these days. From the hard rugged types to the delicate and sleek flip models, they all have a way of saying things about you. So make sure you go for one that calls out to you. It is all about how the device feels in your hand for you both are going to spend a lot of quality time together.
  • Apart from these major classifications, there are numerous other sub-classifications that can help you in arriving at a smart smartphone choice;
    • Screen size: With screen sizes ranging from 3inches and above, it can be quite daunting to decide what screen size you need. Ofcourse larger size means better display and resolution, but it also means higher price. So decide yourself if it something you can compromise on.
    • Performance: Nobody wants a smartphone that takes ages to load the messaging app. Be diligent when you compare the various performance parameters like processor speed and capacity, RAM, OS version etc
    • Camera: If you are one of those photography freaks, make sure you get a smartphone with a good camera quality, lens quality and pixel count.
    • Battery: What fun is your smartphone if you need to run for charging points every now and then? Make sure the battery capacity is adequate for your needs
    • Mobile network support
    • Screen technology
    • OS
    • File sharing technology
    • Extra features

A comprehensive analysis based on the tips given above is sure to find you a smartphone that is best suited for you!


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