Using Automated Search Features to Find the Perfect Home

Doing extensive research online to find real estate listings and community news can be exhausting. What if you could set up automated searches so that you are notified every time a listing or news piece becomes available? You can set these systems up so that only relevant posts arrive in your email. Here are four ways to make automated searches work for you, while you search for a new home.

Google Alerts

Are you tracking news about a certain MLS number? Or perhaps you”d like updates on certain community articles once they hit the web. Google Alerts is an automated system that will notify you instantaneously when a relevant search term appears in their index. These alerts can help keep you apprised of news regarding neighborhoods and individual properties. Just make sure that your alert parameters aren”t too broad, or else your mailbox will quickly fill with updates.


While Craigslist is extremely hit or miss when it comes to property listings, it can be an excellent place to start. Apps like CraigsPro allow users to set up instant notifications when certain types of listings are posted. For example, you might define a notification that includes a certain price range and locations. Once listings that meet these parameters appear on Craigslist, you will receive a notification immediately. You can also use this awesome feature to find new furnishings or appliances for your home.

Social Mention

This search engine scours the web for social media mentions of certain topics. For example, you can set an alert using a neighborhood name as a keyword, and then receive updates whenever this neighborhood is mentioned on blogs, social media networks, and image boards.


Real Estate Listings

Your real estate agent will likely have a way to automatically filter and search through MLS listings so that you can find results that match your criteria. They can also whittle down the selection by applying their own expertise of locations to the mix. Just chat with your real estate agent to see what”s possible.

Automated listings can help you discover potential homes early and budget for affordable properties. These alerts can also give you a general idea of what”s available in certain areas, along with the local breaking news coverage and social media buzz. Automated notifications are a great way to keep your ear to the ground regarding property listings and neighborhood developments. Set these systems up so that you don”t have to do the hard work of sifting through search results and data.


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