Twice As Nice: Silver’s Relationship With Technology

You already know that silver has worth as money. Between hearing about the gold standard and the silver standard since as early as you could understand what a dollar was for, you’ve been made aware that coins, jewelry, objects, artwork, etc., made out of silver all have inherent worth because of scarcity, beauty, malleability, and just pure presence. One interesting way to look at the value of silver today as well is in terms of practical application within the computing industry. As awesome a substance it is as a wearable or money-exchange object, it also has a tremendous number of uses in computer chips and wiring. Bonus!

Get Used To Reading Technical Material

One thing will be for sure, though, if you want to get into the know about silver and learn advanced knowledge about silver coins, is that you’re going to have a read a lot of technical material. You’re going to have to learn about history, culture, cause and effect, supply and demand, and intense amounts of knowledge about all different aspects of mining, discovery, production, distribution, and every other part of the silver food chain. So much of what silver is all about is tied in so closely to so many different aspects of the material, that you’d better plan on being a subject matter expert to be able to even join in the conversation with the serious collectors and investors.


Follow the Science of Technology       

From a technological perspective, you’re going to want to follow advances in processor technology. Chips are getting smaller and smaller and more and more powerful, and some of these advances come from greater understanding of materials like silver, gold, tiny slivers of silicon; and some people are now even working on organic components for computer processing, which can get down all the way to the molecular and atomic level of processing power. It truly is an amazing time in human history as far as information processing goes.

Determine Your Own Best Balance     

Ultimately though, your understanding of the value of silver as an investment both monetarily and technologically is going to be a balance of your own personal values. As a single investor, you will probably have to choose where your interests are, and then follow the news that most closely resembles what you’re plan calls for. Keep a daily or weekly line on news about silver investing, and decide the right moment to join the fray. The better you understand the language and the culture however, the more likely you are to find the group of people that will rise to the occasion with you. Group investing has a lot of great advantages as well, such as mitigating some of the risk involved.


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