Tips to Reduce Noise Coming Through Your Windows

Noise is a common problem in many communities. Many people are frustrated with noisy neighbors, construction and cars disturbing them in the evening. Others want to be able to hold parties or other events without disturbing their neighbors or getting into trouble with the local homeowners association. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to soundproof your house to avoid both problems. Most sound is transmitted through your windows, so making some changes to your windows is the best way to cut down on noise. To get the best advice on soundproofing your windows and other exterior work, speak with professional organizations like Avalanche Roofing with years of experience.

Tips to Reduce Noise in Your Home

Soundproofing your house is going to both reduce the inconveniences of noisy neighbors and avoid disrupting them if you have your own events. Here are some ideas to consider.

Choose Your Windows Carefully

Some windows are better at reducing noise than others. You can reduce sound an additional 25% by purchasing a double pane window. Using thicker pane glass can reduce noise by 35%. Therefore, installing a double pane window with thick glass can reduce sound transmissions by over 51%. You can start by looking at some of the windows available here.

Add Sono Device

Design strategist Rudolf Stefanich recently created a new device that is specifically created to reduce noise. You can stick the sono device that he created onto your window to cut back on noise transmissions. The device has been shown to be highly effective.

Add Thicker Curtains

Adding thicker curtains to your house is a good way to reduce sound transmissions. This is admittedly not the most high-tech way to reduce sound, but it is still pretty effective in addition to the other strategies listed above.


Seal Windows

Most people try to reduce sound through the window panes. However, a lot of sound is also transferred through cracks and gaps in the panes. You can reduce noise considerably by sealing them better. Try to avoid using acrylic, because it tends to contract with changes in temperature. Silicone is a much more effective caulking material.

Replace Your Frames

A number of window frames were designed to reduce heat loss. However, these frames have also been shown to reduce noise as well. You may want to consider replacing your frames.

Reduce Noise Today

There are a number of different ways to reduce sound that is transmitted through your windows. Try to make these improvements if you are having trouble with noisy neighbors, construction or other sources of noise. Speak with your contractor or a local window company to see what improvements they recommend.


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