4 Ways Artists Can Benefit From Social Media

Image-based social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are rapidly growing in popularity. Aside from the success of image-based social media, the success of image-based posts has always been effective within all social media platforms. What this means for artists of all mediums is that there are now many new ways to reach their audience. Artists who have yet to invest much time in posting their art on social media should consider the four benefits below. Even if artists have a website that is currently up-to-date, social media can be used to further engage with the online world.

Networking Within the Art World

As an artist, it is essential to build connections, both in the local art scene as well as the art world as a whole. While face-to-face networking is vital, social media allows fine artists the ability to showcase what they do best—and share it with their online followers. This includes everything from a finished work of art, to a step-by-step demonstration of their process. By friend requesting and following industry experts, an artist”s work will begin showing up sporadically in the social media feeds of all those they connect with online. According to fine art experts, ensuring that social media profiles are open to the general public allows those in the art world to more easily find and contact new artists online.


Marketing Upcoming Exhibits

Another excellent way to utilize image-based social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram is to market upcoming exhibits and events. Social media is an excellent way to share a “sneak peak” of an artist”s exhibit. According to Amadou Diallo, a contributor to Forbes, Instagram has surpassed 300 million users and has considerable reach in terms of influence. The ability to quickly and easily share images allows avid fans to pass along details of your upcoming exhibit. Artists can also consider mixing in paid social media post as a general marketing practice, to help drive more traffic to their primary website.

Creating An Updated Portfolio Of Your Work

While there is nothing that compares to seeing fine art in person, today”s high definition technology allows artists to create stunning online portfolios, says Allyssia Alleyne in an article on CNN. This allows artists to highlight their full range, as well as quickly and easily present their work at a moment”s notice when out and about. All artists should consider placing a watermark on their online images, particularly if the work is graphic art that can be duplicated.

Branding Yourself As An Artist

The way an artist defines their art, may be drastically different than how an art critic defines their work. It can also be drastically different than how the everyday art enthusiast views their work. Even if art critics define an artist”s work in a positive and compelling manner, utilizing social media is a way that artists can brand themselves in the manner they most desire. Since many artists work in a variety of mediums, social media is also an excellent way of highlighting range—showing the evolution of an artist from their initial spark for the world of art, to where they are today.

Aside from the benefits above, fine artists must consider the vital role that social media plays in present-day communication. Without a solid online presence, artists may be losing out on valuable opportunities to connect and engage.


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