7 Essential Mac Software For Successful Internet Business

Using a Mac is a vastly different experience from using a PC. Everything is different with software and tools that you can use regularly on Windows, not available for Mac operating systems. If you own a Mac and are running an online business, you will come to understand that the online business tools that you used on a PC aren’t compatible with a Mac. So, to help you out, here is a list of the most important software for online businesses that can simplify your work.

7 Essential Mac Software


Well, it won’t be wrong to say that without the Things software on your Mac, running an online business would be practically impossible for you. Things -a project management software utility for Mac- has a very easy-to-use and simple to-do list and constantly reminds you of the work that you need to do. You can setup project reminders, meeting reminders etc easily with the software. Things can simply simplify your entire lifestyle and can help you organize everything. For someone running an online business, Things should be the first thing that should be downloaded on a Mac.

Apimac Timer

While Things organizes your life and helps you know about the tasks that need to be completed, Apimac Timer is the Mac software which will truly help you manage your time. Apimac Timer helps you in managing your time by working as a stop-watch or a timer. It then constantly reminds you of the time you have spent on a particular task and the estimate time in which you should have completed the work. In simple terms, it will strictly bind you and not allow you to turn your attention from the work at hand before it is completed!

Market Samurai

If you are an online entrepreneur and are running an online website then having Market Samurai is a must on your Mac. Market Samurai is essentially an internet marketing tool that helps your website attain the cutting edge required to stay above the competition in Google SERP rankings. With Market Samurai, you can analyze your competition and what they are doing and implement similar techniques, you can do keyword research and find the best keywords for your business, know the rank your website has for different keywords on various search-engines and easily promote your work online and get back-links for your website. All in all, Market Samurai is a one-stop shop for all your SEO requirements.


Parallels is an intuitive and helpful software for online entrepreneurs who have recently switched from a PC to a Mac as with Parallels, you can easily switch to a Windows interface and run programs which are not compatible with Mac as well. In this way, you won’t have any problems in using the software that you used earlier to organize and run your online business on Windows.



Keynote is a great software utility which helps you design highly professional and extremely expressive presentations. You can then use the presentations to impress potential clients or to brief your online workers with great ease. There are a number of excellent templates ready for you when you will download the software so that you can just put in your ideas and content and finalize your presentation within minutes on your Mac.


With 1Password, you will be able to manage all your login information on various websites. When running an online business, you will have to create various passwords for different websites and soon, you won’t be able to remember any password at all and would mix up everything. In order to keep everything organized, 1Password can be really helpful for an online business owner so that he can track of all the login information on different websites.


OptionVue is a binary options trading software that can be really helpful for online business owners. The reason behind it is the fact that the software is capable of helping you achieve considerable success in binary options trading and helping you earn a lot of money. The software for Mac analyzes stocks and tells you how to react to earn maximum profit. Since online business owners, spend a lot of time online, binary options trading can really help them generate great revenue to invest.


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