Different Purpose Of Blogging

Blogging has become an effective tool to broadcast news, connect with people and to execute the marketing strategies. People started blogging about their experiences and have used them as online diaries. However, it became very popular among the internet users and more number of people eventually started to blog on a regular basis. Journalists, media persons, writers, sports personalities, celebrities started to share and propagate information through blogs. There are professional bloggers who make a lot of money through their blogs. Every individual has his own purpose to run a successful blog. Let us take a closer look on different purposes on why people blog about.


Pass time activity

Many bloggers use it for their time pass activities. They try to pen down their personal experiences and share it with their friends. This kind of blogging will not yield any monetary benefits. People would like to post their photographs, video links and other favorite audio links.


There is no censorship for the internet. It is such a wide medium and people have the rights to voice their opinion. Enthusiastic journalists who cannot create an impact via the traditional medium can use this platform to to distribute the news content. Investigative journalism and content based upon that is what most people are expecting out of such kinds of blogs.

Blogging for politics

Blogs also serve as an effective platform to contact the potential voters. It is highly impossible to reach out to the doors of every voter. However, people have the access to blogs and will go through the updates and other required information through the blogs. Hence, politicians use this platform as a lethal weapon to take their message strongly.

Business blogging

The business owners use this platform to stay in touch with their customers. It helps them to interact on line and clear their queries. Addressing their problems instantly will help the business owner to build and earn reputation in the long run. It even creates a brand name and trust. This platform can also be used to broadcast the new features of the products, new launches etc. It is very important to keep a tab with the pulse of the customer.

Make profitable blogs

Many people use the blogging platform to sell their services and earn good amount of money. Selling advertising spaces, banner ads, affiliate products, affiliate links are some of the ways to earn money. Blogging helps them to run their lives in a sophisticated way. There are certain portals which will pay the blog owners to write positive reviews for their products and new launches. However, it is important to have valid PR for the blogs. This proves to be a very profitable business.

There are several other purposes for blogging and people are lot more interested in reaching out to their friends and other people. It is the right platform to kick start your online business venture if you have any. Hands on experience in personal and business blogging will help you to be successful in your business.


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