How to recover lost files after cut and paste?

Cutting and pasting files is the quickest way to move your files from one location to another. But, it has its own issues. Data can often get lost after you cut a file but before you can paste it.

Why Do You Lose Files During Cut and Paste?

There can be many reasons why you lose data during cut and paste including the following.

You may be transferring files using cut and paste. If your system shuts down unexpectedly due to a power failure or a system crash, then you may lose all the files. If you remove an external hard drive while forcefully from your laptop while the cut and paste is in progress. Issues like improper termination of the system and hardware failure.

While it is not easy to recover lost files during cut and paste, it is important not to panic. The best way to recover cut files from the computer is by using Stellar Windows data recovery software.

How to Recover Lost Files after Cut and Paste?

Before turning to a Windows data recovery software, a couple of things need to do.

  1. Stop using the device immediately after you lose the files. Otherwise, you may lose the data forever.
  2. Check the Recycle Bin (For Windows) or Trash (For Mac) if the lost files were saved on your desktop.
  3. Try looking in your temp folder by clicking on Start, followed by Run and then search for “%temp%”. The files may also be hidden. So, try Tools, followed by Folder Options and View. Tick “Show hidden files” in Explorer to see if they reappear in the original location.

If these don”t work, you can use a Windows data recovery software to retrieve the files. Stellar –provides one of the best data recovery software that can help you recover lost files during cut and paste.

What Makes Stellar”s Data Recovery Software the Best Choice?

Stellar has been one of the pioneers in data recovery over the past 25 years. Their Windows data recovery software has many features that make it the best. It includes the following features.

  • It supports Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP.
  • It downloads quickly, installs fast, easy to scan, and has a seamless interface.
  • It gives you the detailed scanning status. It includes scanning status, time elapsed, and time left.
  • It supports 300+ types of files.
  • It simultaneously scans many File Systems (NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFat) in a logical drive.
  • Its recovery algorithm scans your computer deeply and helps you restore lost files.

Steps to Recover Lost Files during Cut and Paste Using Stellar”s Software

Step 1 – Install and run the Stellar Windows Data Recovery software.
Step 2 – If your lost files were in an external drive, make sure it is connected to your computer.


Step 3 – The software will ask you to select the location where your lost files were located earlier.
Step 4 – Choose the drive where they were located and press the scan button so that the software can begin the scan.


Step 5 – You can start with the quick recovery scan. If the documents cannot be found through this method you have to continue with deep scan. This may take a little longer as the software will search more files.


Step 6 – Once the scan is complete and the files have been found, you will be able to preview the lost files. Click on recover to restore the lost files.


Step 7 – Make sure you recover the lost files and save them to a safe location on your computer or an external hard drive.


While losing files in bulk can be frustrating, there are solutions to reverse it. If you cannot find your lost files in the recycle bin, then Stellar”s Windows Data Recovery software is the right solution. In just a few simple steps, you will be able to find and restore your precious files.


Stellar Windows Data Recovery software is a do-it-yourself software for both home users and professional. It is extremely easy to navigate and guides you to restore thousands of lost files in few minutes.

The software is 100% secure to download. The installation process is also quick and simple. You can try the free demo to evaluate its capabilities. The demo version lets you scan the device and preview the data. To save the recovered files and use the full functionality, you need to activate Stellar Windows Data Recovery software. If in case software does not recover data for you then you can obtain Stellar data recovery services.

Stellar Data Recovery (an ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified organization) recognized and awarded for outstanding services in the IT industry, Stellar has become the first and foremost choice of various Fortune 500 companies for data recovery services and software. Recently, with completion of 25 years in existence, it launched a brand upgrade – Stellar 2.0 – which is driven around the amalgamation of core values of Simplicity, Care, Trust and Customer Feedback. Having established in more than 18 locations worldwide, it has been able to satisfy 3 million+ customers with its 100% safe and confidential data recovery services. Not only that, Class 100 clean rooms, in-house development of advanced technologies and software and a team of 100+ R & D engineers is what makes its services stand out from the rest.


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