Essential Elements Of Business Website Design

Designing your business website is an important part of making yourself known to consumers.  People use the internet to shop every day, and a well-designed website makes it easier for those people to find your business.

If you want a website that’s going to make an impact on web users when they visit, you have to know what pieces of your design matter most.

Take a few moments now to read through a brief look at some of the essential elements of a business website design, and weigh the new knowledge against your current site setup.

Communication through design

The design of your website should be built to encourage users to communicate with your business.  Adding elements of communication will provide your business a valuable link to online consumers.

A contact page is a good start, but you have to go a bit further with your communication efforts as you design your website.  Add phone numbers and quick contact buttons on your homepage, allow commenting on your blog, and add an email signup form as well.  

Navigation is a key element

Make it easy for interested web users to find the information that interests them by designing a simple navigation setup.  A stationary navigation bar will quickly get users where they need to go and back to the homepage when they’re ready.


Image Source: Pixabay

If you’re not sure what a stationary navigation bar looks like in action, take a peek at this site for a business that provides industrial CO2 pumping machines.  The navigation setup is straightforward and simple to follow.  

Using the right words

Using the right keywords and phrases throughout the text of your website’s design is a crucial element of search engine optimization.  The right words will cause your pages to index more appropriately with search engines, making your pages easier for users to find online.  

Dig into the details of SEO to more accurately display your pages to the right audience.  Keyword usage is important throughout.  Visible and nonvisible text within your design will make an impact, so be sure to use proper keywords within your metadata as well.  

Offer quality media 

Quality images and videos are great tools for holding the attention of web users.  People have short attention spans online, so you have to be crafty when designing pages to interest users.

Use high quality images that aren’t pixelated or blurry, but don’t let the file size slow down the loading speeds of your site in the process.  Compress large files, as a slow-loading website is not the way to find success.

Focus on speedy loading 

Today’s web users don’t stand for lag.  There are so many different websites available, that people will simply move on if your site is too slow to load.  Make sure your pages load within five seconds of landing.  


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