Get your Laptop Back to the Basics with USB- C Hub

With the advent of modern technology, the laptop hubs too are changing from year to year. Once a cutting-edge worthy technology is now available for pennies today. And, MacBooks again stand solid for this fact. Even the laptop model you”ve purchased right away will need upgrades with the launch of new-fangled technologies- all thanks to the research and development. 

Do you remember using CD drives on your laptops? Well, you”ll thank the technology for gone are the days. The multiple USB ports are becoming obsolete because the companies are now favouring the thin and small laptops. And, that”s why a hub is just the perfect option for gaining those multifaceted ports back. Believe me when I say that there can”t be anything more beautiful. 

Now that you”re wondering what a USB Hub is, you can always dwell into a pool of knowledge reading on this useful resource. Yes, let”s get going:


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What is a USB Hub?

USB Hub is also known as a bus-powered USB Hub is a port that gets its energy from the computers” internal power supply to which they find their attachment. The best thing lies with the fact that these do not require an electrical outlet for functioning. They are portable and have the capability of powering tablets and cell phones- the smallest-scale components. If you”ve recently purchased a MacBook Pro, you”ll know that there are two-to-four ports. The recent launch means that there isn”t a direct connector and has to pave its path through the USB-C hub or a multiport adapter. 

Suppose you”re a Mac user who”s thinking of complimenting your 2016 or 2017 MacBook Pro without parting away from the computer”s sleek form factor. Then, the HyperDrive DUO USB-C hub seems like a great choice. The seat puts onto the slots on your MacBook Pro sides and works in replacing the two simple ports into a pair of USB-C ports- the HDMI port, MicroSD slot, an SD card slot, and two USB-A ports. The HDMI port works in connecting to the 4K monitor at a power of 30 Hz. The sleek and stylish design features the in-built quality as that of an actual computer. Another added feature is that although the design enables you to plug the same on the computer”s left side, you have the flexibility of plugging it onto the right side also, and it perfectly fits the MacBook Pro. 

Why do you need it?

It becomes vital to know that a port small enough work wonders in fitting the super-slim chassis, you’re looking forth to. And, this is the very essence of having a hub for connecting your existing peripherals and hardware. But, is that it? Well, no since there are some other reasons we enumerate for you to have the same for yourself right away:

  • Increase in Bandwidth and Backward Compatibility:

We realize you are fond of the benefits of USB-C connectors. And, why not it is small, reversible and compact. Reversibility means that the cable would be easy to the plugin. The best thing is that the reaping benefits go beyond the size and practicality of the USB. The design aims to hold compatibility with new and traditional standards. The tech giants suggest reading some useful resources like for gaining a better understanding of the same before embarking upon the shopping journey. Depending upon the standards and changing protocols, the port is most likely to have one of the features:

  1. USB 3.1 standard has a transfer speed of 10 Gbps or a USB 3.2 that has a dual lane with 20 Gbps speed. 
  2. Is capable of generating support to USB audio standard and output audio at 3.5 mm.  
  3. USB 4 standard that transfers data at a rate of 40 Gbps.
  4. Has backward compatibility with older and expected standards of USB 2.0 and USB 1.0 Type-A devices through an adapter. 
  5. HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort for video output. 
  6. USB Power Delivery that charges your laptop through a supplied adapter of around 100 Watt power. 
  7. Can provide a power of up to 15 watts for charging the connected devices like smartphones. 
  • Dock Station:

Now that you have a laptop as the main machine that comes with a modern port, you surely would want to use the same for household and office work. All that you need to ensure is the connection of peripherals like writing tablet, printer, mouse, touchpad, scanner aptly connected to the USB-C Hub. It would help if you also considered joining the same with a cabled network and a full-sized monitor. You can always leave the same connection to plug in the Hub when you arrive at home or office and have the workstation easily set-up. 

  • Delivery of Power:

Some hubs facilitate the power delivery for charging your laptop at the same time. Although this is an inherent dock station feature, you often require a separate power brick. With a USB-C Hub supporting the power delivery, the device becomes capable of passing the power from the power adapter for charging the laptop, removing the need for the carrying of two adapters. Another benefit is that it is much smaller and portable than a docking station.

  • Less Expensive:

Know that the docking station and the proprietary port replicator are pretty expensive. It would help if you embarked upon visiting the manufacturer because these come with designs specific to the manufacturer. Please note that these ports aren’t standard and have their built-up for a few models. Having said this, it sheds light upon the fact that whenever the manufacturer launches a new model, the production of the existing dock station and port replicator ceases, making it harder for you to get your hands upon the model you require.

Key Takeaways

In addition to the benefits above, the experts recommend some tools, DIY projects, and tips for transitioning to the world with much ease. Some of the best ways include using a USB-C travel kit that contains the old USB accessories. You can also create your USB survival kit that consists of the cables of your choice so that you can take your data all along. It would help if you even considered setting up the dock station. Now that you have sufficient knowledge of the Hub, and the benefits it brings along, you surely would want to have one. There are numerous options available in the market. All you’ve to do is research your bit to make a much-trusted decision.

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