Bendgate: Fact or Fiction?

The long-awaited release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was met with almost immediate criticism. While there certainly were those who “ooh”ed and “ahh”ed over the clarity and size of both the screens, it soon became clear that there was a big problem: the bend.

What Bend?

Within the first few days, users took to social media to herald the existence of “#bendgate.” What is bendgate, you ask? It seems that, rather than caring for their new $650 baby properly with care and respect, certain consumers simply tucked the phones into their pants pockets and went about their day. Upon extracting the device, the customer would discover that it had bent at an odd angle, and although the screen remained undamaged, their beautiful new phone was now mangled.


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How Prevalent is it?

Apple has officially reported that only nine people have contacted the company with problems related to a bent phone. Out of even a few thousand sales that wouldn”t be a daunting number – out of over ten million, it”s less than a drop in the bucket. It”s hard to know if the problem is as dire as it seems, or if the media – both social and official – has simply latched onto an idea and run amok with it. One thing remains certain, however: the bend is real.

How Easy is it to Bend?

While it may be somewhat rare – most reports of significant bending seem to come from consumers in tight jeans who have crammed the expensive device in a back or front pocket for hours while going about their daily routine – it”s certainly possible for almost anyone to bend the iPhone 6 Plus… if they try hard enough. There are multiple videos circulating around the Internet depicting people doing just that, and though it may take an extreme amount of force in some cases, the fact still stands that the iPhone 6 Plus is unwillingly flexible.

One bold consumer actually walked right into an Apple store and bent the display phone for an awed crowd. While this is certainly not suggested behavior, nor polite, at that, it proves an incredibly valid point: If even the display phone at an Apple store can bend, any iPhone 6 Plus can bend! It”s disconcerting to think that such an expensive and highly-regarded device could have such a discernible weak point, but ultimately it”s on Apple: if their phones are faulty, they”ll be facing a massive recall eventually.

Other Options?

The forerunner in almost every other techie detail, Apple has been one of the last mobile phone manufacturers to introduce a large-screen phone. According to Cheap Phones, there are a number of other options to choose from, options that, whether it”s the obscurity of the model or the quality of the manufacturing, do not seem to bend. Regardless of whether you choose to go the safe, uncontroversial route with your new phone, or if you want to know what all the hype is about, be smart: don”t treat your expensive new device like a crumpled dollar bill or your car keys. Invest in a protective case, carry it in your purse or bag, and treat it with the respect you show your other electronics – that way, it”s bound to last.

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