4 Underrated Elements of Web Design

Businesses, both small and large, rely on the web for their presence in the digital landscape. And it’s not just businesses. Individuals, organizations, and government entities all have a strong presence online. But to make an impact, websites must be designed with the user experience in mind and while popular elements of web design such as visuals, colors, and typography are essential for success, there are some underrated elements that can help make a website stand out from the rest.


Not everyone has the same abilities when it comes to web access, so it’s important that websites are designed with accessibility in mind.

This means designing a website that can be easily interacted with and navigated by those using assistive technologies such as screen readers or voice recognition software. It also includes providing alternatives for users who may not have full access to all of the visual elements of the website. For example, the website should provide alternative text for any images or videos.


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This element of web design should not be overlooked, as it can have a huge impact on the user experience. Links are what allow the user to move through a website quickly and easily after all.

Well-formatted links with descriptive text can help guide users through the website while also providing them with more information about each page they visit. It’s also important to include links from one page to another, as this allows users to quickly move between pages without having to navigate back up the site hierarchy. 


Emails should be a part of web design, as they facilitate establishing a relationship with web users. 

For example, by crafting emails that give out discount codes, businesses can keep users coming back to their sites. Additionally, these emails can be used to inform users about new products or services or any updates made to the website. For individuals, emails are a great way to stay connected with friends and family, providing updates on their life.

Search Function

Search functions make a website more user-friendly. This is especially useful for larger websites that have a lot of content. By providing users with an easy-to-use search function, they can quickly locate the information they need without having to navigate through the entire site.  

One way to approach this is with the use of search filters. These allow users to narrow down their search query by selecting specific criteria such as a date, location, or keywords, making the website less overwhelming. 

Overall, these four underrated elements of web design are essential for creating a successful website that engages users and provides them with an enjoyable experience. By keeping accessibility, links, emails, and search functions in mind when designing a website, businesses and individuals alike can create a lasting impact on their users.


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