How to Keep Your Favourite Photos Safe

Once upon a time you put a film in your camera, snapped away and then sent it off for printing. You then got back your lovely photos, with the negatives safely stored in a little file. Nowadays everything is digital and oh so simple to use. Until you press the wrong button and they’re gone! Panic ensues, what do you do? Well, all is not lost if you follow some simple tips.

Backup to a Hard Drive

There are a few options you can use here. The first is to carry a laptop around with you (not so practical unless you usually carry a laptop anyway) so you can connect your camera and download straight to the computer’s hard drive. The alternative is a portable hard drive.


There are many portable hard drives on the market for downloading on the go. Many professionals use these when on assignments, but they can be costly. However, this option is generally the most preferred. The EaseUS cloning software lets you backup your files to hard drive without any data loss , it may work for you .

Carry More than One Memory Card

It sounds obvious but how many people only carry the one card in their camera? Carrying more than one card is an option that means should you lose or damage your camera at least you will have your other memory cards safe, especially if you keep them in a purpose built card wallet. If your photos do happen to get accidentally deleted either by hitting the wrong button on a new camera, or if an eager relative who doesn’t know what they’re doing gets hold of it, then all is not lost. There are software recovery programs on the market that can bring back your cherished photos; click here for an example.

Upload to the Cloud

Some modern cameras and smartphones offer the ability to upload direct to the cloud (via a suitable SIM card), which takes the hassle out of remembering to download everything when you get back home. This is great for users of popular social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook. This is a technology passed down from high-end professional cameras when the photographer needs to get their photos to the news desk immediately.

Print Your Photos at a Kiosk

In the not too distant past you either took your film into the high street photo-lab or posted them in a prepaid envelope. Then you waited anything up to a week or more for them to return. Usually with stickers telling you you’d forgot to take the lens cap off. Nowadays it’s simply a case of inserting your memory card into a slot on one of the many photo kiosks available and choosing which photos you want printing. This saves on paper since you no longer end up with a packet of photos piled up in a drawer. You can then put special prints in a favourite album or picture frame.

Technology has come a long way in a short time. Keeping up with it all may seem a headache, but if you follow the tips above then it means you can enjoy taking wonderful pictures without worrying if anything goes wrong.


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