How to Use Mobile Devices for Effective Studying

The effect of technology can be seen in every sphere of human life and innovations like mobile devices have indeed become an important part of our lives. Besides, the introduction of smartphones and tablets have led to a huge change in the lifestyle and attitude towards a lot of things especially education and how people consume information. More significantly, since most of the people today own a mobile device, learning via these devices is becoming more and more popular. And why not, this technology is providing an easy medium of learning to modern day tech-savvy students and others as well. We can say that mobile technology, in general, is becoming more of an easy alternative for mastering various subjects and preparing well for all types of exams be it board exams or competitive ones like IAS, CAT, JEE main amongst others.

Having said that, in this article, we will be discussing some of the few ways how mobile technology is helping students learn new ideas and be successful during exams.


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Mobile Apps Changing the Game

In addition to mobile devices, we are seeing great developments and growth in the field of apps. Today, amidst thousands of apps available for download, students can easily find good exam preparation ones available in app stores. These apps can be installed easily on the phones and students can experience a fun and effective learning session. The apps usually contain features like videos, animations, solved question papers, mock tests which makes the entire learning process more interesting. The apps are also very resourceful as they provide a lot of other details. For example, if we are preparing for competitive exams like CAT, we can access the solutions for CAT exam pattern from the app and get an idea of the things required.

Relevant and Up-to-date Information

Encyclopedia books today are long gone and many textbooks do not contain the most relevant information. The need for having updated information is being filled by mobile devices. These devices are allowing students to instantly access the latest news, information, statistics, etc.

Apart from this, mobile phones can be used to download eBooks or students can install eReader apps for a convenient and cheaper way to study. Students can store a whole library of e-books on the mobile devices.

Educational Videos on the Go

Mobile devices come with support for wireless connectivity options. Students can use the internet to access all kinds of educational videos from websites like YouTube and others. Video lessons are an effective learning resource as the students can recall the topics more easily and also retain them for a longer duration. Interestingly, students can also use the devices to access and listen to a lot of audio educational content like podcasts, online lectures, etc.

What Other Important Things You Can do with Mobile Devices?

While studying, mobile devices can be used for conducting group discussions via collaborative apps. The cameras can be used to take pictures or record videos of important work or documents. Mobiles devices can be used to take notes as well as find study material, information about exams, etc instantly by utilizing different mobile web services especially Google search. For instance, if students want some tips on CAT preparation or the exam dates, they can just type the word in Google and all information regarding the search will be provided instantly.

These are some of the ways in which mobile technology is helping students study and learn effectively. However, mobile technologies are evolving at a rapid rate. We should remember that we can use this technology effectively for learning and performance support only if we are in tune with the evolution of both the technology and how we use it.

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