iPhone Keyboard Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About

The iPhone is an amazing device that comes with lots of features that make it thoroughly enjoyable and functional for anyone. Some of these features are easily noticeable, but others may remain hidden if no one points them out to you. In this post, we are going to look at tips that will make your typing experience on your iPhone even more pleasurable than it is already.

These tips will help ensure you get more from your phone!

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Now on with the tips.

Tip 1

Ordinarily, to access the numeric keyboard or symbols on your iPhone you have to change the keyboard layout by pressing the layout button. When you have chosen your desired symbol, you have to press the button again to go back to the letters view. While this is easy and straightforward, it is often a nuisance for people that type a lot on their iPhones.

To streamline this process all you need to do is hold down a particular key on your keyboard and all the letters, symbols and numbers on the particular key will appear. Simply choose the character you want and continue typing. There will be no need for you to flip back and forth between views on the keyboard. Of course, the small downside to this is knowing what key holds what symbol, but with a few weeks of practice, you can master it. It is better than having to flip the keyboard completely for the rest of your life!


Tip 2

Are you looking to find other symbols that are not readily visible while in the symbols window? You can find them by clicking and holding related buttons while in the symbols window! For example, if you are looking for the Euro symbol, you can simply tap and hold the dollar sign. It will show you a list of other currencies, and, from there, you can choose the Euro. You no longer have to use the wrong currency sign or spell out the currency in full while typing!

Tip 3

This is a technique that is very simple and popular already, especially among younger iPhone users. When writing long emails, you can simply add a full stop by tapping the space bar twice. This automatically adds the “.” and space for you to begin a new sentence. Imagine the amount of time you can save with this simple tip!

Tip 4

If you are typing a long text on your iPhone and mistakenly delete something what do you do? Most people will re-type the deleted text. However, you can undo the delete by simply shaking your phone. Shaking your device will bring up a screen that will allow you to undo your most recent typing actions.
These tips can help you become a faster, more efficient typist on your iPhone. Enjoy!


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