Simple tricks to Promote your Small Business with Printing Products

We all need to begin somewhere, that?s why most of us struggle with the possibility of starting a business, but those of us who actually get the courage to start from the bottom up, need all the help we can get so people can get to know what we have to offer.

A marketing campaign, developed by experts, can be really expensive, and when we don?t have the budget our options to promote our services or products can be very limited. But using printing products can help you save a lot. We love using this online printing company that even offers daily discounts on their best selling items.

That?s why we put together a list with printing products that can reach potential customers, but that are also budget-friendly:


Using postcards can actually be very cheap to promote your business, you would only have to pay for the design and the printed finish product. Also, you can save a lot if you deliver them yourself and put them in nearby neighborhoods.


Try adding a promotion to it, and make it more attractive, such as a discount, a sale on some of your products or maybe a special percentage off by presenting the postcard or purchasing several items.

We?ve used these postcards from 4over4 before with great results.

Car Magnets

You don?t need to spend big bucks on a sign on the busiest street of your town for everyone to see that you mean business, instead using a car magnet can do the trick, and the best part is you don?t need to pay anyone for the service, you can just put it on your car, friend?s and family?s who are willing to help you succeed.

Also, another advantage is that you can remove it or replace it any time from your car, so no permanent commitment.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are not only for real estate agents and political campaigns, they can also promote any business, that?s why we included them in this list.

This great product will get everyone to notice you, just think of the possibilities, you can place them on your front yard, your business or even ask some relatives and friends to put them on theirs for a period of time, all of this with the minimal investment of buying the actual product.

Make sure to be concise with the message, put your address, phone number and just a brief description of what you have to offer, either listing a few products or the services you provide.

We?ve had great results with these methods in the past, and can?t recommend them enough to anyone starting a small business. We really hope they can also help you achieve the same results.

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