Smartphone Cameras – Comparison Of 3 Big Smartphone Sets

Smartphone trend is making people mad after it. The reason is advanced technology used in it and the stunning features it has. The camera of Smartphones from any manufacturer is advancing day by day and now people don’t have to use separate digital cameras to capture the memorable moments of their life. However, the quality factor is still a major concern for the users.

The top competitors of the Smartphone market, Apple and Samsung, offer the users with 8-megapixel cameras in their latest products, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, respectively. The cameras are claimed to have the fastest shutter speed. iPhone 4S is also a good choice when it comes to the camera quality. Here is a comparison of iPhone 4S, Galaxy S III, and iPhone 5.


iPhone 4S – Just Needs The Right Handling

An expert photographer can use iPhone 4S camera with proper light settings and the results would be amazing, even better from some digital cameras.

  • Users say its camera is slower compared to the latest models of Apple and Samsung, but that’s not a big issue to worry about.
  • Frame overfilling is a common happening that every user should care about while taking the pictures.
  • Colors and tone balance of iPhone 4S is not better than iPhone 5 in terms of accuracy with the original image; that’s a drawback of the previous iPhone version.

Galaxy S III – The Fastest Product Of Samsung

  • Samsung has taken a giant leap by introducing the fastest camera that doesn’t have any shutter lag. It makes the capturing easier and quicker, but one thing should be kept in mind that its auto focus is not working all the time.
  • The huge display of 4.8” is one strong point of Galaxy S III. The software supports quick shots through easy targeting.
  • The color accuracy is good with Galaxy S III, but not that much solid.
  • The low light performance of the camera is another strong point that makes Galaxy S III a preferred choice of the users.

iPhone 5 – Color Accuracy Is The Strength

  • Every picture taken with iPhone 5 has perfect color accuracy. The pictures come as brighter compared to that of iPhone 4S.
  • There is no need of editing when the image is captured with iPhone 5. The default white balance is excellent compared to any other Smartphone.
  • Its camera is faster compared to iPhone 4S. Lag free shutter button and lacking the built-in burst mode are prominent features of iPhone 5.
  • Low light performance of iPhone 5 is much better than any other Smartphone. It results in excellent photographic results being captured in low light. Despite advantages of high ISO, noise is the disadvantage that is there in iPhone 5.
  • The backlit performance is also excellent compared to other Smartphones.
  • Its sheer size gives it an edge for view finding.


Apple and Samsung have introduced the best products in the market: iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III. Although both are not that much good for picture quality, but for speed. Using a Smartphone camera to get the best results of photography is a pleasant experience compared to the digital camera. It’s a cost effective approach for the photographers, as they can use the mobile along with a camera whenever they want and wherever they want. Photographic apps can also be installed to enhance the experience and that is possible only if the Smartphone is unlocked. Unlock iPhone 4s software also goes well with the previous and latest versions of iPhone. Try that and enjoy capturing the images the way you like.


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