Smartphone Kills the Digital Camera, Fans Weep for Loss

Due to the advancements in technology, digital cameras themselves have seen less interest due to the capabilities of the smartphone. Although many cameras are still in circulation, the number of these units have been slowly decreasing over time. With the exception of high-end photography cameras, the interest just isn”t there for small hand-held units that provide little compared to the functionalities of the smartphone. What features of the phone have assisted in the demise of the average digital camera?

Less Need for the Unit

As nearly all smartphones are equipped with some kind of camera system, the need to carry a digital camera has been greatly reduced. In many instances, the phone itself has better resolution for photographs. There are more than seven billion mobile devices activated across the globe and most of them are equipped with the ability to capture images and video in stunning detail. According to Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa, those that were anticipating sitting and watching nature find themselves photographing it as well in order to capture memorable moments. What quicker way to do this than to pull out your phone and start filming?


High Resolution Images

Most of the brand name smartphones are capable of incredible resolutions when taking images. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is built with a 16-megapixel camera. This is more than enough ability to take highly detailed images whether you”re camping with the family or you”re setting up to take shots of items you”re selling on the eCommerce website. According to Mark Macdonald of Shopify, “it’s absolutely feasible to create great product images by utilizing your smartphone’s advanced camera features.”

Instant Sharing

Although some digital cameras offer a few abilities to share images with social media, the features are less robust than what is available on smartphones. As long as you have a connection to your network or Internet access point, you can snap an image or video and instantly post it on Facebook and a variety of other social sites. This lets you inform people in your circles of things you”re currently experiencing. Not only is this fun, but it”s away to make the situation last forever.

Image Editing

While it”s true that image editing capabilities are not as advanced as they are on a desktop or laptop computer system, there are many available apps that work exceptionally well. As time progresses, these apps are getting more and more robust in order to allow shutterbugs to edit the image taken on the fly before uploading or saving. Adobe”s Photoshop app provides a great deal of control and filtration methods for optimizing the images right on the phone without the need of a computer system.

Powerful digital single-lens reflex cameras can be greatly beneficial for photojournalists and professional photographers. However, the average Joe wouldn”t need anything so powerful as to take a picture of his or her child on the swingset in the park. The smartphone offers a great deal to these individuals without extra expense or time wasted connecting to the computer system. Although digital cameras helped lay the groundwork for smartphone photography, developers may have inadvertently assisted in the demise of these once sought after devices.


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