Tech backing the housing ops has made its mark in the property circles by offering reliable property related information. The portal has created resources which help it collect all property listings in time and update them on the website. Additionally, it offers numerous other services that help both buyers and sellers to make purchase and rent related transactions with ease. As a result of constant endeavours from the technology team, the portal now offers property trends, home loan services as well as rental agreement services for end users.

It comes as no surprise therefore that today is worth Rs. 1500 crores and in the coming times, it is set to become one of the most prestigious tech start-ups in the country. There has been immense investment on sustainable technology to carry this portal into the new era of property sales. The real estate market is still emerging from the slowdown of the property sector and investors are being cautious yet wiser. In such a time, property sites like would make a difference.


Data Driven Business has data analytics as the core of its business function. Data analytics today involves analysis of terabytes of data.  It allows finding cohesive information that can help in business development. Data science even today is a relatively unexplored subject and is truly an art form. It requires copious knowledge of statistics, programming and algorithm creation so that vital information can be sourced from an ocean of data. For example, the portal offers property trends for all major cities in the country on its DSL page. Let us assume that an end user is trying to assess the Hyderabad markets. The Price Heat Maps allow this end user to find the prevailing purchase prices of flats for sale in Hyderabad. There is also a provision to find the costs associated with rental accommodations area wise. Similarly, there is another map that allows the end users to find the available inventory for sale alongside the corresponding demand. This information is updated every 24 hours. To ensure that such systems are robust, the programming team and data scientists have worked hand in hand to create frameworks which access this information on a daily basis. Relevant data is siphoned from the web and analyzed and the results are updated regularly.

One must not forget that the team behind this visionary feature works constantly to improve this feature as well. They analyze all consumer transactions to identify service needs of end users. The new services and features made available on the portal are a result of these offerings.

In House Tools

One of the most interesting aspects of is the enterprise resource that is utilized throughout the organization. The portal’s aim is to help end users house for rent in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and many other metros. To ensure the service availability round the clock, the portal has created its own tools for monitoring and analyzing business operations. There is an in-house team that designs and modifies enterprise tools to help employees and management handle the business with ease. The enterprise system also is constantly updated to meet the new challenges and volumes of business.

In Conclusion

The reliability of comes from the technology that backs its operations. The portal has made appropriate use of programming and mathematics to identify and resolve consumer concerns. This is what makes it one of a kind.

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