4 Home-Related Things that You Shouldn’t Discuss on Social Media

For most people, buying their home is the biggest investment they’ll make, but when it comes to protecting it they don’t always make the savviest moves. It’s natural to want to seek out opinions and advice on social media about home-related issues, but be careful what you post. A few nibbles of solid advice might not be worth the risk you’re placing on yourself. Even with the strongest of privacy settings, you’re not really sure who has access to your feed.

Want to ask about others’ experiences with getting a home warranty or an inspection? Social media is a great place for reviews and recommendations. Just make sure you follow up with an expert and do your own homework, too. Here are a few of the biggest no-no’s when discussing your home (or future home) on social media:

Vacation plans

Never advertise, even to your “friends” (all 1,000 of them) that your home is going to be vacant in the near future. Even if you don’t post specific dates, and even if you strongly suggest that you’ll have a house sitter, this is just too tempting for some burglars and thieves. Maybe your friends are all honest and law-abiding, but what if their non-password protected phone was recently stolen or lost?


“Shortcuts” you’ve taken while selling

Did you only half-heartedly fix that leaky pipe with some duct tape instead of calling in a plumber? If you’re staying in the home that’s just not smart. However, if you’re selling that home, it could be illegal and it’s very dangerous. Don’t take shortcuts and if you do, don’t brag about them online.

Your real final price

Whether you’re buying or selling, you probably have a certain dollar amount you won’t go above or below. That should be information that’s only shared between yourself and your realtor. Otherwise, who knows who might stumble across that information? It can take you out of the running for your dream home, turn away potential buyers and it’s generally uncouth to talk so specifically about money anyway.

How long it’s been since you serviced your home

Whether it’s appliances, your roof or the foundation, most people don’t maintain things as well as they should. You’re either going to get chastised, or you can even run the risk of voiding warranties. Yes, those pipes are guaranteed for a certain amount of years, but the warranty often stipulates regular maintenance.


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