Top 10 Mobile Personal Assistant Apps For Geeky Mobile Phone Owners

The use of smartphone and other mobile device such as tablets and PDAs has grown to the extent we don”t need to hire a personal assistant anymore. Most of our schedules, meetings, reminder, and Maps challenges are being met by the new mobile personal assistant apps on our cell phones.

Siri is the first mobile personal assistant app to get popular in the mobile market, it was the centre of marketing strategy Apple employed when it released the iOS 5 on iPhone 4S in 2011.

Siri is not the only mobile personal assistant app in town.



Here is an apps you could use to send messages, place phone calls, schedule meetings and more simply by instructing them with your voice. The technology is wise enough to control the device without even touching it, and it will respond to you as desired. You tell the phone “wake up” “answer incoming calls” or even “snap a photo.”

Quick Voice

This is a mobile personal assistant app from LG Electronics; it comes with its Optimus flagship phones. The LG voice assistant is based on Android OS, example of devices that carries the app includes; Optimus Vu and Optimus LTE II.


This is a third party voice assistant app, you can make calls, send text messages, ask for the nearest pizza shop, what the weather looks like, search for life partner and more. The app is available for download on both iOS and Android.


Vlingo is a multiplatform mobile personal assistant; it is available for iOS, Android 2.0 and above, Windows Phone and even Nokia.

Dragon Go!

This mobile voice assistant understands you when you speak, and delivers result as requested.


Iris is a mobile personal assistant app, more powerful than Siri; you can even request for topics ranging from Stock price to Mozart, you can get this app on the Google Play store.


Skyvi is intelligently coded, responds more faster, it is an Android app, it could answer your request from Local business issues to Food nutrition, the developer during the review says, it could tell jokes, and very sociable as it could let you access Facebook, Twitter and others with just a voice command.

Voice Answer

The mobile personal assistant is a robot which answers your questions on variety of topics; it can also help with a lot of tasks. You can also request for guide and it will help.


This is a personal voice assistant specially designed for Windows; it’s a completed assignment by a curious Canadian.


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