Top New Technologies Breaking New Ground In 2015

It’s always an interesting read when tackling the topic of advancement in technology.  Pretty much all of our entertainment these days comes from technology in one form or another.  We listen to music on our gadgets.  We create art with technology.  We read, watch movies, and play games all courtesy of technological advancement.  If you’re interested in learning more about the new developments in the fancy gadgets department, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here is a quick synopsis of some of the top new technologies that are breaking new ground this year.

Augmented Reality

First of all, it’s a sure thing that you’re wondering what in the world augmented reality really means.  Well, technically speaking, it’s a new technological ability that will superimpose an image on top of any solid tangible object.  In layman’s terms, it’s similar to playing the popular game Minecraft on your coffee table instead of on your TV.  The big names have already taken the technology, and made it ready for practical use.  Microsoft, in particular, has already developed the HoloLens.  It’s pretty amazing.

The Smart Home

The Smart Automation technology will see some really cool things happen by the end of the year.  The relatively new concept has quickly developed.  A truly smart home should be fully connected in every way possible for maximum functionality.  This year’s developments will take it over the edge.  You will now be able to have a fully connected home, and an endless number of gadgets to work along with the home.  You’re house has never made your life so easy, until now.


Image Source: Pixabay

Three Dimensional Printing

This technology is definitely one of the most mind blowing.  Three dimensional printing is a machine that will actually take a digital sketch of an object, and slowly blast material together or cut away at a material to form whatever you can create.  It’s also used in the medical field to  create the tiniest of tiny instruments.  Laparoscopic surgery will stand to benefit greatly from this technology’s future development.  You have to mention the use of this technology in custom creations.  The borders are closer and closer to becoming endless every day.

Digital Genome Medicine

Digital genome technology works with some of the population’s most complex and challenging diseases such as different cancers and other genetically acquired illnesses.  Scientist now have the ability to quickly map out a person’s genetic makeup, and pinpoint irregularities or mutations.  This is an extreme breakthrough for the world of medicine.  Expect to see great things in the near future when it comes to treatments specific to cancer.  The likelihood of things like heart disease can also be better derived when utilizing this fascinating piece of technology.


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