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Google finally started its Apps Marketplace services in March and many companies took the invitation to create free cloud software that would work hand in hand with regular Google Apps. Marketplace Apps can get information directly from databases like email contacts or even spreadsheets – users can also log into their accounts for seamless use. Here’s a list of free apps that are free and can be really useful for many small businesses.
The one requirement to access and use these apps is an established Google Apps Domain. Installing Marketplace Apps is easy – just click the Add it Now button and follow the instructions. Once it is done, look at these apps and see how they can help.

1. Rhino Accounting:

It works just like QuickBooks – double entry accounting. It helps to track income and expenses, create invoices and even paychecks. Invoices can be emailed too – right from the account. Some knowledge of accounting is necessary – people who have worked with accounting packages will find this easy to use. Currently, contacts can be imported and everything else has to be done manually – like creating entries for companies. High quality support is available free to users.

2. Appogee Bookmarks:

The hallmark of a good business is the way it shares information with employees – and these days it means useful websites. Use the Apogee Bookmarks app to share information with Apps users. Activating this app will add a panel to the home page and one can list multiple URLs. More can be added by users. People in a particular domain who has Bookmarks app will be able to view them. Clicking the Domain check box will let the URL be shared with others – if not it will be visible only to you.


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3. TripIt Travel Organizer:

When many people in the same company are travelling together, keeping track of everyone’s plans can be a bit challenging. The TripIt App brings the functionality of the TripIt website to Google Apps. It tracks everything –flight information, hotel bookings, social networking information and email services so information is shared with everyone. Information pertaining to the trip are published on the TripIt website and Google Calendar. The first time the app is installed, a group is created and users are added automatically. Everyone is kept updated automatically.

4. Rapid Task:

All business managers have to do project management at some time or another and it is not easy. The RapidTASK App makes it easier to do it by bringing in to-do lists and allows sharing of tasks on the list with members on the domain. Tasks can be assigned to people involved in the project. When installing this app, it has to be integrated with Google Apps Calendar. This will ensure that due dates on tasks/jobs are added automatically. RapidTASK can be configured to send emails automatically.

5. YouCanBook.Me

This app is for people whose work involves client appointments. This app is tied up with a website of the same name and sets up a page where anyone can click on a particular date and make an appointment. These appointments then appear on that person’s GoogleApps calendar and an email with all the information is sent to the concerned party. It is an easy App to use – the only thing to keep in mind is to pass the link to trusted people.

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