5 Tech Innovations In the Shoe Industry

Humans have feet, and feet need shoes! And with that, there come all sort of different requirements when it comes to culture, fashion, sports performance, and gadgetry. You can learn a lot about someone simply by looking at their shoes, so it”s no surprise the amount of attendant paid in that direction.

And the tech industry has much to do with moving the concept of shoes forward, so consider the five following categories of innovation to give yourself some updates on why so many people find footwear vital to their daily lives.

The Faces Behind Modern Design

But, as well as simply knowing about shoes and brands themselves, sometimes it”s important to take a look at the faces behind the shoe industry. These are the designers, the decision-makers, the administrators, and the product testers. Before you can really know all you want about tech innovation in that regard, there are the people behind the curtain to consider, as it is the function of their minds and efforts that bring the products to life.

Lighter Equals Faster

One great innovation in the footwear industry today is the race to make the lightest shoe. These super light shoes are often geared specifically toward professional runners and trainers, but all different athletes can benefit by having a few ultra-light pairs around for different activities. The science behind their creation is absolutely fascinating, and it just goes to show how awesome new technology is when it comes to bringing a goal to life in the mind of a producer of items.


Self-Tying Shoes

They were first seen in the “Back To the Future” series, but now self-tying shoes are real, if a bit humorous and more on the gimmicky side of fashion. Still, they are a technological advance of sorts, and enough research and development went into them that they were finally produced so people with a tickle for something futuristic could get their hands on them and their feet into them.

Shoe Fitness Trackers

There are certain new pieces of technology that attach to your shoes as fitness trackers as well. They will usually attach via bluetooth to your smartphone, and then there are a number of apps that do all the heavy work of analyzing all of the data coming at them, so you can use your shoe”s intelligence to get a better workout in.

Expandable Shoe Design

One shoe designer recently used his innovative brain power in addition to technology to create a shoe that could adapt over time to feet that were growing. There are a series of snaps, buckles, and other adjustments that allow a full range of sizes to fit comfortably.


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