5 Ways To Interact With Clients Using Mobile Technology

You”ll hear some people complaining about how new technology has depersonalized many aspects of human communication today, but as a business person you have the opportunity to flip that script a bit.

Consider that by promoting two-way messages, using FAQ sections, using online chat forums, being sure your website is mobile friendly, and being able to send text updates for job completions are all, in fact, ways that you can further personalize the business communications you rely on, rather than making those connections so dry and sterile.

Promote Two-Way Messaging

Using two-way messaging in business constructs isn”t necessarily all that popular of an option right now, but consider the possibilities! Instead of having to call a business and hope that either someone is there, or you can leave a message, you can simply text them. If your dishwasher is broken, you can send the company a photo, and then they have an opportunity to send instructions back. This very well could be the future of many types of troubleshooting calls in the coming years, if properly utilized.


Have an FAQ Section

Having real customer questions set up in your FAQ section is another great way to personalize communication. You are basically putting the point of your company up for reference within the guise of real-world situations with real people and real issues. This is a great way to establish trust as well. The important thing is that people on mobile devices need to be able to get to this FAQ section as well as be able to read it, no matter the platform they”re on.

Set Up Online Chat Forums

In particular, people on the go want to be able to chat when they have time, so you should set up your online chat forum, and make it available especially to people on their mobile devices like tablets or laptops. Every time someone wants to connect with your business, they should have the opportunity.

Make Sure Your Business Webpage is Mobile Friendly

In all cases, interaction with the “mobile-first” world that is developing means that many of you primary engagements with clients are going to be within the cell phone / tablet framework. Your website should be mobile friendly toward all devices, unless you want to lose customers because of formatting issues.

Send Text Updates for Job Completion

A great form of interaction that some companies are using is to send text updates when a job is complete or an order is finished or shipped. If you”re consistent about it, clients will never have to think twice about who to hire or order from next because they know you”re on top of the update process.


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