5 Ways To Use Tech To Increase Business Efficiency

As a businessperson, you’re already aware of the importance of the idea of business efficiency. And you’re already aware that there are a number of different ways to approach the concept – but the one that seems to have the most capability is the way of digitization and mobile technology.

To put a bit more concrete structure around that concept, consider the five ways below that will help you to use new technology in a way that will increase your everyday business efficiency – learn to use time blocks and expand your day, install time trackers to analyze your task priorities, limit your personal social media use, use text readers to skim through business books, and find the appropriate project management platform.

Time Blocks and Expanding Your Day

There are online methods to explain time blocks that can be very useful to you in making sense of the time you spend doing business tasks. By simply using the tech-happy and flexible scheduling tools available, you can increase your overall efficiency by as much as 50% without even changing any specific thing you do, or putting any more effort into anything. Try the process for a week and see if you don’t see immediate results.

Use Time Trackers To Analyze Your Tasks

If you install time trackers on your mobile device, you’ll be getting valuable feedback on what you do during your day on a microcosmic system. After even a few days of using these trackers, you’ll be able to reprioritize in order to create a functioning pathway of the order events should occur in your day in order to get maximum results from minimum effort.


Limit Personal Social Media Use

One way to get more time to work on business matters is simply by taking away time that you whittle away by doing personal things that aren’t particularly useful. If you limit social media time to 30 minutes per day, you’ll literally free up hours more of your day to work on more important matters.

Use Text Readers With Business Books

Sometimes it makes more sense to listen to text than to concentrate on reading it. You can either download audiobooks about business, or have a text reader go through specific chapters you think are important. Listening to information is a great way to absorb knowledge more quickly for some people.

Find the Right Project Management Platform  

A good project management platform can be the difference between an efficient workday and a lazy one as well. With the right notification and reminder system, you can take distracting things off your mind, all the while knowing that you will focus on them later when time is appropriate.


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