How Technology is Transforming Education

Technology has changed the way people lead their daily life, technology has made our life more easy and simple. Now, one does not have to visit a restaurant to eat, they can order food via their mobile applications also, waiting for cabs have always been really irritating especially during hot summer days while, now things are getting changed and one can book a cab which will come right to their location or at the doorstep for pickup. The same revolution is in the field of education, here are some examples of how technology is transforming education.

Use of Advanced Technologies: Technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is really helping students to spend more time in studies. When people hear about virtual reality, images of a person wearing a headset and holding a joystick usually come to mind. But in the education sector, VR is an opportunity to finally connect with both teachers and learners. By using virtual reality one can read and understand a specific thing in a very detailed manner, for example, students who are not aware of the aquatic ecosystem and how the aquatic animals survive in water, using virtual reality they can feel and experience the aquatic environment.

Augmented Reality is a live view of the real environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated real-world sensory inputs like graphics, videos, sounds or GPS (Global Positioning System).

Physical models are very expensive. Sometimes it becomes impossible to buy all the necessary models and supplementary learning materials for the school. With the help of augmented reality, schools don”t have to invest more in these study materials. Now anyone can access models from any device at any time.

Use of Multimedia: The use of multimedia in the field of education has brought a revolution. Now students can learn anything they want by sitting in any corner of the world. If someone is studying physics, and he or she is not able to understand a specific topic like maybe gravity, then he or she can watch the videos related to gravity.

Internet: Internet plays a major role in every aspect of our modern life, the internet is just like a world under your fingertips, as I have already mentioned above that if someone is not able to understand a specific topic then he or she can watch videos related to that topic, or they can read articles and notes uploaded by some good teachers and students. There are millions of videos and articles on the web, but one must check the comments posted by other readers and viewers before reading or watching a video.

Distance Education: Students who want to pursue a course in foreign universities or at a university far away from his/her residence can now take classes and give exams visiting a nearby exam center or at a university-affiliated to the study centers.

Mobile Applications: The use of mobile applications in the field of education is encouraging students for self-learning, these mobile applications are designed in such a way that students can give exams and track their own performances. Educational mobile applications also give notification tips like, on which chapter one must spend more time to score good marks in the examination. There are some mobile applications in the market which allow students to interact with other students across the globe.

Technology is changing every day and making our life more comfortable every second, one must take help from these technologies to learn something new and to keep themselves updated. Study at your home, at your own pace and score good marks using BYJU’S the learning app.

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