Making Sure Your Vehicle Is Ready to Sell

There is a huge amount of competition in the second-hand vehicle market. Whether you’re selling a car, a truck, a trailer, a boat, or anything else that takes people from one place to another, you need to make sure that it is in tip top condition and perfectly ready to sell before you even think about putting it on the market. There are some procedures that you will need to go through to ensure your vehicle is ready to sell. Do it right, and you’ll get the best possible price.


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Clean It!

It may seem like an obvious thing to say, but with the number of great cars and the variety of trailers for sale trying to get someone to spend money on one that is mucky (inside or out) will be difficult. Having said that, there are a surprising number of vehicles for sale out there that haven’t been given a good clean before they are advertised. Having a dirty car or van makes it look far less attractive than it could do, and that will affect both the amount of people who come to see it, and the price you get for it in the end. Take some time to really scrub the vehicle clean (or take it to a valet center), and you’ll be amazed at the different it makes.

Repair It!

It goes without saying that a vehicle that doesn’t run, or doesn’t run well, should always be fixed before you begin to advertise it for sale (unless you’ve decided to sell it for spares, in which case it’s fine to leave it in a broken state as long as you include that in the ad). What about smaller issues though? Those scratches and dings that you’ve picked up along the way? That bulb that went in the headlight, that rattle that means something needs tightening up? Fixing the small problems as well as the big ones will put you in a good light when prospective customers come to view. They will see that the vehicle has been well looked after (which will make them more likely to buy), and it limits their ability to haggle over price – if there is nothing wrong, they can’t really have any reason to go lower than the advertised cost.

Advertise It Right!

Each different vehicle and its variations will have a platform for selling that works better than others, so do your research. You might pick an auction site for a quick sale, or you might try the classified ads. You could simply post a message on Facebook or Twitter. If it is a specialist vehicle, then find a magazine or website that will attract the right buyers for it. Getting the platform right means that you’ll find a buyer more quickly.

Price It Right!

It’s all very well finding the right platform to sell your immaculate and perfectly working vehicle, but if you price it wrong, buyers will tend to stay away. Price too high and you’ll appear greedy (plus there’ll be cheaper competition who will snag the customers before you can). Price too low and your listing will be looked at with suspicion – as though there must be something wrong with the vehicle for you to price it like that. Research how much similar makes and models are selling for, and work out how much profit you want to make. Put those two elements together and you’ll come up with the perfect price to attract buyers and make some money.

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