Using Social Media to Find a New Place to Live

Many of us don”t think about taking to social media networks while we plan a move. However, there is a wealth of location specific data that can be discovered in Tweets, Facebook posts, and even business reviews published on Yelp. Aspiring homeowners can learn a significant amount about a new neighborhood by perusing localized social media posts. Here are three ways to gather intelligence on locations while you make a property decision.

Neighborhood Activity

Many community centers use social media to conduct outreach for events and ongoing activities. If you”re thinking about moving to a specific neighborhood, create a list of accounts to monitor, including public libraries, local schools, farmers” markets, fitness organizations, and neighborhood watch groups. You can discover some of these groups by searching for particular hashtags, like nearby neighborhood names. Follow these social media accounts to get access to live feeds regarding community events. This information can help you identify locations that best fit your community interests and needs.


News Reports

Let local news stations and publications do the reporting for you. New homeowners can learn about neighborhood concerns by creating personalized news feeds relating to news reports in a certain location. Pay particular attention to news stories that can impact the health and happiness of your family, such as local crime reports, transportation issues, property costs, and environmental risks. Be wary of neighborhoods that tend to pop up in the news for negative reasons.

Identifying Businesses

Before your move to a new location, it”s important to identify the types of resources you”ll have access to. You can quickly get a bird”s eye view of the local businesses by typing the location of a property into a Yelp or Four Square search. Learn about the restaurants, gyms, and community centers that will be accessible in your new neighborhood. Read customer reviews to see if these are businesses that you should frequent or avoid. Local business listings can give you ideas about the demographics and economic strengths of a community.

Once you discover the best location for you and your family, it”s important to start working with a real estate agent to discover the right property for your personal and professional needs. Stay attuned to local business and news activity via social media, so that you can take advantage of everything your new community has to offer. Social media posts can help you understand what to expect while exploring new homes.

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