Wix Art Store Overview – Why a Website is Important for your Business

Startup businesses and amateur design companies usually prefer to start small with minimal risks, and this includes financing and expenditures. Trying out a new project which may have varying outcomes will need less expensive tools. That being said, lots of businesses need a way to push their products online without incurring costs. With the aid of a free hosting website, this dream can become a reality.

Why a Website is Important for your Business

A blog or a website is your online personal journal with your reflections, ideas, comments, and links. Sites dominate every nook and corner of the vast repository of information called the internet. From the smallest startups to the most established empires in the business arena, everyone relies on a website for publicity, effective communication, business deals, transactions and many more critical activities. Sites are the most comfortable medium of communication which caters to large audiences in a short span of time.

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A picture speaks a thousand words, and this means that the effort gone into the website should be considerable for an impact to be made. Creativity, energy and a well thought out website design can make all the difference whereas a shabbily prepared website will draw no attention. Thus, the discipline that handles the design, maintenance and many other activities related to sites is cited as web design. The various areas under it include graphic web design, interface design, authoring, SEO, user experience design, etc. Integrated with web engineering, web design is a term used to describe the client side design work involved while creating a website. There are a few companies who offer utterly free hosting for web pages for the designers and Wix is one of our favorite platforms.

About Wix.com A Free Website Builder

Wix is a free website builder; it is quick and easy to use, and features beautiful templates. It also supports a drag and drop editor to design your website regardless of whether you have coding skills. There are different options available to Wix Users depending on whether you choose a paid plan of a free plan. If you use the free option, your site will come with a Wix subdomain, 500MB bandwidth, 500MB storage space, and you will see Wix’s logo on your site.  If you choose one of Wix’s premium plans, you will have access to a custom domain, extra storage and you will able to use their E-commerce options.   Overall, Wix provides a wide variety of templates, tools and hosting plans which are quite refined and easy to use.

About Wix Art Store:

Wix Art store is an app brought to you by wix.com. The Wix Art Store is a premium app add-on that has been specially established to provide a solution for artists from around the world to market and manage their works online. This app gives your site ability to showcase and sell your art online from your site. You can quickly sell your digital photos, art products, etc.

Wix Art Store Features:

  • A user can showcase their art online
  • You can sell your digital images without paying any commission fee.
  • Easy orders management
  • Create your own custom watermark to protect your brand
  • The wide variety of layouts available to choose from
  • Convenient payment gateway, accept payments from PayPal and credits cards and make you selling easy


Benefits of using Wix Art Stores:

There are a wide variety of benefits associated with using Wix Art Stores for artists to manage their art and promote themselves online. Firstly, using Wix, you can easily build a well-designed website. The better the design of your site, the more positive of an impact you will be able to leave on the minds of your prospective customers about your business.

Also, it is essential for businesses to have a well-designed website so that they can promote their products and services over the internet and help their business get maximum exposure online. Internet shoppers are just similar to in-store shoppers, and hence they always prefer to evaluate the products before purchasing it. If your site is laid out correctly, and it is intuitive for the shoppers they will be more likely to buy from you. So, if your store is created using Wix stores then it will not only be well designed, but also easy to navigate, which will enable shoppers to browse quickly without any hassles.


If you are an artist and you are interested in starting an online store to showcase or manage your digital art, then you must try the Wix Art Store app.  You can easily take your dreams to the next level by opening your own store and getting established online.


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