Why Your WordPress Deserves a VPS

Performance for Growth

Without a doubt WordPress has dominated the market as the leading CMS. It’s popularity has grown immensely in the past 13 years since it’s introduction and more than 75,000,000 sites now depend on WordPress, meanwhile the number continues to grow. What makes the CMS standout from the rest? It’s ease of use.

‘’I want to start a blog but I have no idea where to start.”

It’s a common question you may have heard at some point from a friend, generally WordPress is the first recommendation at the tip of the tongue as it’s become the world’s most popular CMS.


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So you chose to use WordPress as your CMS, bravo!

Time to start thinking about finding the right hosting framework to keep your project alive and well.

The Caveats of Shared Hosting

Most amateurs with little or no experience with hosting usually find themselves knocking on the door of Shared Hosting providers promising them the world with catchphrases like ‘unlimited.’

This undeniably sounds appealing and I’ll bet you’ve got one foot in the shopping cart already – but hold on for just a moment..  Let’s take a moment first to point out some important characteristics that may change your mind.

  • The resources your WordPress project depends on to thrive and survive are being shared with other people just like you, also sometimes very different to you – and not in a good way. You have no control over who your neighbor is on the server and what kind of  server fuel their projects will suck from the resource pool – ultimately affecting your own WordPress sites performance.
  • Are you the type to keep your front door unlocked when you go to bed, simply wishing for the best each night? If you are, by all means let your second foot step into the shopping cart. If however, you have some basic need for  security then remember that your site can easily suffer from downtime should a  neighboring client perform any kind of illegal activity, and/or suffer from a DDOS attack.
  • Do not expect to receive Root Level Access – Do expect to have little control over your server settings, i.e – adjusting the limit to file size uploads.

How Important is Your WordPress site to you?

Let’s assume your WordPress site is dear to you, and has some monetary value. Wouldn’t you want it to flourish and grow in an environment that allows for steady expansion with no unwanted surprises?

To avoid the stress that accompanies the characteristics of Shared hosting as mentioned earlier, any expert would recommend using a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Preferably selecting a high quality managed hosting provider such as EuroVPS, a leader in the European managed hosting market.

So why use a VPS?

If you haven’t already heard of a VPS Server, pay close attention because you’re about to discover what your WordPress needed all along. A virtual private server is similar to owning your own flat in an apartment complex. Only you have the keys, and the resources within your flat are fully dedicated to you.

The concept may seem similar to shared hosting, as there are a number of users essentially sharing a server’s resources, however there a key characteristics that make all the difference.

  • Significantly less users sharing a server’s resources.
  • Fewer limits on the domains you can host on your VPS machine
  • Guaranteed resource distribution. Anyone who has lagged on a shared hosting package before can appreciate the upgraded luxury of having exactly what they paid for with a VPS, at all times.

A VPS is very much like a dedicated server, without the heavy price tag.  You have the ability to adjust server settings, install scripts and applications as you wish, and generally control all aspects of your own server through root access.

Managing a VPS is slightly more difficult than a Shared Hosting plan.

The smartest option for anyone with an income generating WordPress site is to select a Managed VPS solution. Skilled engineers who live and breathe WordPress are available on-demand to help with any wordpress server related questions.

Final Takeaway

The natural course of action in any business is to reduce costs as much as possible, yielding the highest profit. Often times however, priorities can be misjudged, and the primary pillars holding the operation together weaken. In the case of hosting, underestimating the  importance of server selection, performance, and infrastructure can be catastrophic.

The result of making an ill informed decision for your WordPress project can resulting in frequent downtimes, slow server response and user experience, data loss, and a host of truly undesirable scenarios that ultimately will drive traffic away. Is that something you can really afford?

Before you dive into the Shared resource pool, take a moment first to evaluate just how important your WordPress project is – and the extent of service interruption you’re willing to take on.

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