5 Tips To Make Better Presentations

Presentations, like them or hate them, are an important part of business and creative life. You can have the best ideas in the world, the most logical answers to the most difficult puzzles, and the perfect solution to the world”s most dire problems, but if you can”t present yourself accordingly, then those facts simply don”t matter.

And not everyone is a born presenter. Not everyone has natural charisma, or a great speaking voice, or good writing skills when it comes to the presentation format. That”s where knowledge and practice come in, and that why should look at business presentations, watch some TED talks, recognize audience attention space, videotape yourself, and be your own most brutal editor on your journey to presentation success.

Look Into Business Presentations

Presentations with money behind them are some of the most crucial you”ll run into. And that”s why discovering the secrets to good business presentations should be one of your first steps of self-education. If you know how the masters approach the idea of their perfect business plan and process, that”s an ideal place for you to start working from.


Watch Some TED Talks

Watching TED talks will not only inspire you to be a better person, but they”ll also offer you a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to formulating your own perfect presentations. The people that give these talks are the best in the world at conveying their messages, through personal stories and anecdotes and data and multimedia, right into the middle of your brain. Take note, and decide how you would present your case in a similar manner.

Recognize the Limited Attention Span

And when it comes to presentations, you have to realize that attention spans are the enemy. The average attention span is so tiny that you really have to stay laser-focused on your goal and intent for the entirety of your presentation, literally never allowing your energy to drift anywhere away from your main topic.

Videotape Yourself and Analyze It

It”s impossible to know what you look and sound like to the audience until you videotape yourself. So, give your presentation to some friends and family, and have a camera and a microphone running. You”ll learn more watching it after you”re done than you”d ever believe. You”ll know if you need to speed it up, or adjust the tone of your language, or change your face or body motions – essentials to convey your message.

Be Your Own Most Brutal Editor

If you are your own most brutal editor, that will go a long way into making your presentations better. This doesn”t mean you need to develop a complex or self-esteem issues about presenting information, but rather that you just need to develop the skill of focus.


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