Advantage of KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMS Services

Major Features/Advantages:

  • User Friendly
  • No Need of Software
  • Custom message originator
  • SMS Contacts details
  • Upload file facility
  • Message Scheduling
  • Sub-domain Creation
  • Support

User Friendly

KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMS Panel is very easy to use and we can send sms to our customer within a second’s. Easy to learn about the panel and it will be user friendly. Upto 500,000 Numbers we can upload in a single campaign.

No Need of Software:

For KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMS Services no need to download or install the software’s. It can work on any browser which means it’s totally wed based there is no software to crush your computer. All you need is web browser and internet access.

Custom Message Originator:

We can send sms by using our own required sender id. It should be a 6 alphabetic character related to your company/business. By using this feature, we can give the glue to the customer from where they are getting the messages.

SMS Contacts Details:

We can save the contacts in the panel itself then we can make the group also. It will give the easy access to send sms. We can send sms to number of groups within a second.

 Upload File Facility:

In KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMS Panel we can upload the excel sheet, csv sheet, text file, xls sheet. We can upload the file which we have saved in our computer by using these features and we can send sms easily.

Message Scheduling:

Scheduled sms will get deliver at predetermined times. When you will not get the computer that time you have to send campaign means you can prefer for scheduling feature. By using this option you can make remainder to meetings or any important appointment.

Sub-domain Creation:

If you are the reseller, you want the KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMS Solutions in your company name; we will help you to create the sub-domain. So your Bulk SMS Website will reflect with your company name.

Support: If you are required any assistance means our support team will help you. We do understand the customer problem and requirement over phone or mail and we do help to fix the issue. New customers are welcome to call us we will tell the steps to send the sms.

For further assistance mail to or call on +91 9738010000

For free demo or to test the service –


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